Music School of Indonesia (MSI) berawal dari sebuah sekolah musik khusus guitar di daerah Pondok Indah yaitu Guitar School of Indonesia (GSI). Perkembangan musik di Indonesia yang sangat pesat, maka GSI bertujuang untuk turut serta memeberikan sumbangsih bagi  perkembangan musik Indonesia . Hal ini membuat GSI akhirnya tidak hanya berfokus pada instrument Guitar saja. Untuk itu GSI mengembangkan bidang pelayanannya, dengan mendirikan sekolah musik terpadu yang melayani jasa pendidikan musik informal untuk instrument lainnya seperti Bass, Drum, Keyboard dan bahkan pendidikan vocal.  Lembaga pendidikan musik ini diberi nama Music School of Indonesia atau disingkat dengan nama MSI.

Music School of Indonesia (MSI) lahir di pertengahan bulan Agustus 2010.  MSI merupakan sekolah musik dengan beberapa divisi pendidikan musik yaitu:

  • Guitar School of Indonesia (GSI) untuk guitar.
  • Bass School of Indonesia (BSI) untuk bass guitar.
  • Drum School of Indonesia (DSI) untuk drum.
  • Keyboard School of Indonesia (KSI) untuk keyboard dan piano.
  • Vocal School of Indonesia (VSI) untuk vocal.

Music School of Indonesia (MSI) adalah sekolah musik yang standard kualitas yang tinggi pada sisi kegiatan belajar mengajar, pengembangan kurikulum, bahkan sistem pelayanan terhadap siswa(Student Welfare). MSI menerapkan hal ini melalui: 

  • Pelayanan Admission Officer di sekolah musik MSI yang professional, cekatan dan ramah.
  • Standard kualitas para instruktur di sekolah music MSI yang di jaga dengan Professional Development yang berkesinambungan dan terfokus pada penajaman keahlian mengajar, sehingga mereka siap dalam menghadapi dan menangani setiap kesulitan apapun yang mungkin dialami oleh para siswa dalam pengalaman belajar mengajar di sekolah musik MSI.
  • Mengikutsertakan siswa – siswa sekolah musik MSI untuk berpartisipasi dalam setiap event yang diadakan sekolah music MSI baik secara Internal maupun secara eksternal.

Sekolah musik MSI merupakan sekolah musik yang memiliki standard pendidikan musik terbaik bagi para pecinta musik di Indonesia dengan kualitas internasional.

  1. My name is David Howell and I am Commercial Director and in charge of international development at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance ICMP (www.icmp.co.uk) I came across your school during research for an upcoming visit to Indonesia.

    ICMP will be in Jakarta from 5th to 11th March 2016 as part of the Great Britain Campaign https://www.gov.uk/britainisgreat meeting schools, delivering masterclasses and clinics and conducting business meetings. I wondered if you would like us to visit your school to deliver a masterclass. There are no charges associated with the masterclass as it is part of the Great Britain campaign.

    The masterclass will be delivered by Xantoné Blacq

    Xantoné Blacq – Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer Xantoné Blacq has many years of experience in fusing Jazz-Funk, Soul, Afro and Latin music.

    Xan is a seasoned musician having sung and been the keyboard player with Amy Winehouse for 3 years, recorded and toured with violinist Nigel Kennedy’s on his last 3 albums and worked with the like of Jessie J, Mark Ronson, Dionne Bromfield, Earth Wind & Fire, Candi Staton and “Pee Wee” Ellis amongst many others.

    Glastonbury Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, MTV Movie Awards, Brit Awards, Lolapalooza are just some of the amazing places that Xan has cut his musical teeth. His own music has been voted twice as iTunes staff favourite and his last album “Revelation” reached no.1 on the UK Soul Chart.

    Below are some links to videos of previous ICMP classes Xan and I have conducted at schools overseas

    Xan at Mr Jamm in Bilbao

    Xan at Altramusica

    Xan believes in interactive masterclasses and as such we would like to run a live performance workshop as part of the masterclass. This involves having students learn songs prior to the masterclass so they can be performed during the session. We would suggest doing 2-3 songs maximum for people to get stuck into. For the instrumentalists, dependent on the level of their playing we can choose appropriate songs to match their skills.

    Xan is also able to cover the below subjects in any classes.

    • Approaches to Improvisation
    • The Importance of Ear Training
    • Songwriting Process
    • Instrumental Practice Regime
    • Coping with Stress and Fear of Failure
    • Vocal Approach: Breathing, ToneProduction, Resonance /Amplification
    • Working with Amy Winehouse

    I also wanted to mention another opportunity your school may be interested in. We work with many partners throughout the world including USA, Mexico, Europe, and South Korea.
    Our current partners is available at http://icmp.co.uk/about/international-partners

    We are currently looking at various levels of partnership including:
    · Student Exchanges
    · Tutor Exchanges
    · Master classes by our Faculty and Visiting Faculty
    · Internationally Recognised Accreditation for your courses
    · Accredited Prior Learning (APL)for your courses
    · Scholarships and Bursaries
    · Summer Schools
    · Progression for your students

    As you can see we have no formal blueprint for partnerships, rather we are looking to work with quality providers to find win-win options allowing both organisations to improve their respective businesses.

    Institute Partners Facebook

    We have launched a Facebook page to connect the 25 schools currently in the partner network. All partners able to post news stories, link to their marketing channels and promote events to the site. We also hope that the site will aid communication between the institutions that make up the network including schools in Berlin, Paris, Seoul, Madrid, Rome, Lisbon, Melbourne, Mexico, Netherlands and of course Los Angeles.

    It is hoped Partners will share stories from this page as much as you upload stories to the page. It is really up to you how much you engage with the page. The page is available at


    Partnership agreement
    The basic principles of Institute partnership is a win-win relationship with opportunities for students of both organisation.

    Please let me know if this is of any interest to you?

    Kind regards

    David Howell
    Commercial Director

    Phone: 020 7328 0222
    Email: david.howell @icmp.co.uk
    Visit: http://www.icmp.co.uk


  2. sherina ayu kusuma

    gimana cara joinnya ? dan apa aja persyaratan untuk join ?


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